The globally known ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programmes run and managed by Eurovent Certita Certification provide for an effective and independent comparison of product performances — not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also indoor air quality.


The following ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ programmes can help specifiers, project planners, building owners, authorities and the like to ensure an efficient supply of fresh, well-filtered air for their buildings. They can give you the confidence that #IAQmatters to them.



‘Eurovent Certified Performance’
programmes for commercial/
industrial applications

‘Eurovent Certified Performance’
programmes for residential

Ventilation Ducts (DUCT)
Covers rigid and semi-rigid ventilation ductwork systems

Hygienic air handling units (HAHU)
Applies to hygienic ranges of Air Handling

Residential Air Handling Units (RAHU)
Applies to mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units used in single dwelling

Air to Air Regenerative Heat Exchangers (AARE)
Air to Air Plate Heat Exchangers (AAHE)

Certification programme applies to all ranges of Air to air plate and tube heat exchangers

Air Filters class M5-F9 (FIL)
Applies to Air Filter elements rated and sold as ‘Medium and Fine Filters Class M5, M6, F7 — F9’ as defined in EN 779:2012 (as of 1 January 2018, the new ISO16890 standard will be part of the programme)

Residential Air Filters (RFIL)
Applies to particulate and combination (particulate and gas) filters used in residential ventilation units, classified according to ISO 16890 (ePM10 > 50%), and for which the face area is lower than or equal to 300 mm x 600 mm

Air Cleaners (ACL)
Applies to independent air cleaners (portable ones) for residential and tertiary applications (flowrate 1000 m3/h or less)


For a list of ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ products, visit the certification database at www.eurovent-certification.com