Filters are all around you

Filters are all around us

Filters are all around us. They are the invisible guardians against viruses, odours, and other harmful pollutants. From the food we eat to the cars we drive; from the medicine, we take to the global data centres that serve as the foundation of the digital world that has seeped into our everyday life – filters make it all possible. Learn about how our quality of health is dependent on the quality of the air we breathe and the air filters that clean it – whether we are at home, in the office or at school.

Automotive industry

We have gotten  used to being protected from dust, pollen and bad smells in the car interior. This is achieved by air filters that filter both, particles and harmful gases from the air. The engine is also protected from increased wear and tear by filtering the engine intake air.

Face masks

Face masks were previously only required for special activities. With the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have found their way into our everyday lives. They filter the air we breathe. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to protecting us and our surroundings from possible infections. To ensure this, the quality of the masks as well as the exact fit must be ensured.

Data centres

A huge amount of data is processed every day, on the Internet or locally in offices and factories. We have gotten used to their reliable storage by highly available servers. This is also guaranteed by filters that filter both particles and corrosive gases from the air in data centres, thus contributing to the reliability of our data processing systems.

Pharma industry

Pharmaceutical products are some of the most strictly regulated and carefully manufactured products. Patient safety but also the safety of the environment come first. Impurities or a release into the environment are not tolerable. High-performance air filters make a significant contribution to the manufacture of pure products in a clean and safe production environment.


Good-smelling food is always a pleasure. To ensure that this is also the case for the residents of restaurants, the exhaust air from the kitchens is freed from the smallest droplets and odorous substances by means of air filters. Air filters also help to protect the employees in kitchens from excessively high concentrations of respirable particles that arise during cooking.


Electronic devices have conquered our everyday life and have become an indispensable part of our lives. We trust in their reliable function. This can only be guaranteed if the production of the microchips contained therein and the assembly of the devices themselves take place in an extremely clean environment. For this purpose, high-performance air filters with a filtration efficiency of up to 99,99999% are used.

Office buildings and hotels

To ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air, large buildings such as public buildings, offices and hotels are mechanically ventilated. The filters ensure that dust, pollen and bad smells are not distributed in the building and help ensure that the ventilation ducts stay hygienic.

Factories and warehouses

Clean air in factories and warehouses is not just about protecting employees. Technical processes are usually sensitive. Clean, filtered air avoids contamination of production facilities, which benefits their reliability and safety. It also makes an important contribution to the quality of the products produced. In addition: Who even likes to receive dusty packaging?

Food and beverage industry

Industrially produced foods such as milk or bread, or ingredients make a significant contribution to our diet. We rely on microbiologically perfect products. In the food industry, air filters remove bacteria, viruses and mould or fungal spores from the air so that safe and durable food can reach us. In addition to product safety, air filters also contribute to food security, avoiding rotten food.

Metal processing

In many technical processes, such as metal processing (welding, soldering, grinding, sandblasting, etc.), the finest particles are often produced, which must be removed from the air to protect employees and the environment. The air filters used for this must also withstand the heaviest loads.


Many studies have proven the connection between well-being, the ability to concentrate and learning success with clean air in schools. Together with suitable ventilation systems, air filters make an important contribution here. They can also help avoid school closings and, thus long-term negative effects on students during pandemic times.

Surface technology

Paints and varnishes protect and preserve the surfaces treated with them. In addition, they should of course, also meet aesthetic requirements. This is only possible if the painting, e.g. in the automotive industry, takes place in a dust-free environment. This is guaranteed by air filters that are used in various painting steps.



Dr. Marc Schmidt

Vice President Technologies Europe
AAF International